About Our Organization

Californians for Disability Rights, a 501(c)4 non-profit, is the oldest and largest membership organization of persons with disabilities in California. Originally organized in 1970 as the California Association of the Physically Handicapped--CAPH--with five members, CDR has grown to become an effective and widely respected cross-disability advocacy force.

One key to CDR's over four decades of progress is that it is much more than a single-issue or single-disability group. CDR represents all persons with disabilities in California. Guided by this trans-disability principle, CDR and its members fight for the independence, dignity and equality of all disabled persons.

Our Mission Statement

To Improve the Quality of Life for All Persons with any Disability Through Education and Training - By Working to Remove Barriers Through Advocacy and Change in Public Policy.

CDR State Office

Californians for Disability Rights, Inc.
909 12th Street, Suite 200
Sacramento, CA  95814
Telephone: 916-447-2237

Our Brochure:

CDR Inc. Brochure